August 02, 2010

The reality of Development & common wealth games

I think you all have heard the dialog of our politicians that " Our motto is development" & also heard the statement of Delhi CM Shila Dixit last year that " Common man should cut their pocket for development & this year she told "common men should pay for games" when Delhi govt increased the fare price & fuel price. Finally comman man paid a huge amount after price rise but still development is far away from us & Common wealth game going towards the dark future after so many missed deadline complete the game Vance, Every thing is incomplete or poorly constructed. The beginning of the rainy season shown of the clear picture of development as most part of the Delhi facing water logging & roads are caving every where. Now Govt & MCD blaming CWG games for water logging & road caving while the mater of fact this is the story of every rainy season we are facing the similar problem every year during rain. Common man always gets Excuses Excuses Excuses nothing else on behalf of poor development & corruption.
At last I would like to say only honesty can make us development but our Politicians are far away from honesty. So development is nothing but looking like mirage which will disappear after the twinkling of eyes. I think Only God can make us develop.


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