December 05, 2009


The word "DEVELOPMENT" means the development of every citizens & their living stander, not the development like infrastructure like roads, bridges, fly overs, buildings , parks & improve in source of communication etc. What about the slums in India & the poor people inside the road without food, clothes & slather.the largest slum area of world "Dharavi" is in India their the promise of development is nothing but poor mans dream.which cannot be fulfilled . I think you all have seen the famous movie"slum dog milliner"the story of a slum boy showing the reality of India.only polishing the capital of every state & giving opportunity to the rich people is not development .where a common man cannot dare to be doctor,engineer& an MBA because of the unaffordable fees of the colleges which a rich people only afford it. Just see the education deference in a govt school and private school.the country like India where the huge gap between to class of people.upper class have a lot of money that they are keeping their dogs in air condition & in the lower class unable to afford their basic need like food,clothes & slather forget about their education.the hike in fair & the food product of daily use with hike in salary of doctors, Engineer& govt employees not thinking of the common main like a daily wager who can they survive?the state of a chief minister"Aam admi apna jab dhili kare vikash ke liya"{common man has to cut their pocket for the development}.this is proving the poor mentality of govt for development. This development is only for the rich people not for the poor people.
At last I would like to say the real development is the development of every citizens & providing them equal opportunity of living in society.


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