September 04, 2010

Cricket:- The Game of fixers & Betrayers

Fixing & cricket are linked together? May be I am giving a wrong statement but as far as I concern fixing & cricket are the opposite side of a coin & they really doesn't exit without each other.You see the performance of cricketers & teams in world cricket, you will easily find out that "Dall ma kuch kalla hai or puri daal hi kali hai"(their is something wrong, happening in cricket). I would like to point out some events which giving a clear indication of fixing. At first you she performance of great cricketers in final games than see the performance of teams how, their performance changing dramatically, in one match they are loosing so poorly & in the next match the winning team loosing in smiler way. Is it possible? Now come to the test series, you will find out most of the series which played recently, all series are drowned dramatically. You see especially India, in recent year India failed win any test series, result nothing but India labeled the series every time dramatically. Just take the example of Australia series, South Africa series , West Indies series & now Srilanka series. You will find out every time that India lost the first test with an innings & than won the final test in a dramatic style. Is it possible a team, a team performing his best certainly performed his waste?
Now come to the final games, You will find out that always star players are performing their wost, while during league matches, they are performing their best. Now come to the birth day knock of the players how they are performing greatly in their birth day? Now come to Sachin who is the greatest player of world cricket & having a power to change the game any time but he always plays his wost in final games or in need, this is not about Sachin 99% star cricketers are performing so poorly in need.
Do you know who is getting benefit when a series gets label or a best team performance worst or star players fails in final game? Answer is no one other than Match fixers.Above all question giving the clear indication of fixing, on the other hand Master Blaster Sachin defined Indian team saying that In his 21 year of carrier none of the Indian cricketer approached by the match Fixers while as the mater fact his second captain Md Azharudinn & players like Ajay Jadeja, Mongia were faced life ban for match fixing.
I think Pakistani Player, Salman Butt, Md Asif & Md Amir might be unlucky that they caught red handed, if ICC anti-corruption burro will do the same sting operation to every team & player, you will come to know that none is innocent. Now come to the umpires, I think you all have seen recent Srilankan series, who Dharmasena given three poor decision & India lost because of his poor decision. Every where the visitor team gets the smiler treatment.
At last I would like to say, we should boycott cricket for our bright future as well as nation because every thing is fixed in cricket & Cricket is the Game of fixers & Betrayers.
So say no to cricket & leave happily.


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