November 09, 2010

India reached the level of Super Power?

Has India reached the level of Super Power to deal with America of  today….?

Indian media saying Obama, Obama & Obama while Obama is saying India as Super Power & India is great, Jai Hind. So The whole world now expects India to behave as world power and we should use every opportunity that comes our way. From now on we must work hard to become self reliant in high growth oriented businesses and become strong militarily and economically to deal with this world better.
Message is very clear that we have to open our markets for others and in return we have to learn art of tough negotiators to get best of the deals that suits us. We can speak from position of strengths. Our big market will attract suppliers from all over world for all sort s of things and can not dictate terms to us. We should now be ready to be demanding rather then requesting for our rightful dues.
Pakistan is a head ache and will remain so. Let us not worry too much for it. They will come round us when we shall be economically strong enough to give them grants and help that their people would need. Soon west would be in grip of financial difficulties and the life style the younger generations are getting used to where as Indians are learning hard ways of living and making this world much better for them. The fad of going abroad and settle there for big money is fast fanning out. Indians who went out and become respectable NRIs will think to return to their motherland. Only thing what India as a nation should check rise of corruption and use of black money in circulation in the Indian economy. We should get back the money deposited in Swiss Banks by corrupts of India.
All these high expectations can be easily met provided leadership of the country devotes it self to respect of the law and root out corruption from all walk of life.
So let us deal with America as a great nation and the position that has come to us…


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