November 09, 2010

Obama's visit to incredible India or duplicate India?

Obama's visited to incredible India or duplicate India? I think this question must be surprise you because it's silly as well as interesting question & I think every one will give the same answer that Obama visiting incredible India but this answer is equivalent a mirage in a desert which disappears after the twinkling of the eyes similarly our incredible India keeps the same characteristic. You see US President Brack Obama visited only the beautiful sites like hotel Taj, Hotel Mourya than Saint Xavier Collage, Humayun Tomb & Raj Ghat & every time he told India is great; India is a super power & Jai Hind. I am sure if he visited the largest slum area in India which is located in Mumbai he never dare to give such statement as the mater of fact India is developing but development only came to the rich people while development is still far away from the common men not to talk about poor people. Still in India 40% people struggling to fulfill their basic needs, if you leave the towns & cities remaining part is no more than a desert & people are living in miserable condition. Every year floods, droughts are very much common in India & no solution to these problems.
At last I would like to say that Obama visiting to duplicate India not incredible India.


  1. Hi Shyam,

    I agree India has its own problems but at the same time its developing. Now its an emerging economic power. Its showing great progress in sience and technology. Indeed India is Incredible. No second thoughts on that. And yes we have issues like poverty and illetracy that needs to be addressed. So i guess just sticking to the negative things will do no good to india

  2. Anurag I got your point that India is developing but the mater fact development is not about economic growth but the development in living style of everybody but in India their is huge gape in upper class & lower class which need to be minimize than we will be really developed other wise development is no more than a dream for common man.