November 11, 2010

India the fastest growing economic power of the world?

Indian Economic Survey  2009

The largest democratic country & fastest growing economic power of the world, India no doubt about it that we are developing but it's a economical growth & common man don't eat growth rate, they eat food which going away from common man life due to rocket high inflation. India is developing but the mater fact development is not about economic growth but the development in living style of common man but in India their is huge gape between two class of people, if I am laying than see the living style of upper class & lower class people, the upper class having plenty of money that they are keeping their dogs in A/C room & feeding them meat & milk while the lower class unable fulfill their basic need like home, clothes & food not to talk about their education. In India poor people born to die not to develop this is the greatest misery of Indian democracy where constitution has given equal rights to everybody but only rich people enjoying the benefits while the poor still living lie animals. This is the bitter truth we should accept it rather than doing the drama of development.
At last I would like to say that the biggest problem of India is nothing but the gape between upper class & lower class which need to be minimize than we will be really developed other wise development is no more than a dream for common man.


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