November 07, 2010

Rahul Gandhi a great Politician but poor leader

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi the future of India or You can say that the future PM of India. No doubt about it that he is a great politician bout on the other hand he is a poor leader, I think must want to ask me why? You see the statement of Rahul Gandhi during his visit to U.P & Bihar, he given the similar statement that “Bihar ma vikash lana hai” than U.P me vikash lana hai” (means we have to bring development in Bihar & u.P) respectively. Do you know why? Because both states are non-cong ruling state, I would like to ask you that why he never said Orissa ma vikash lan ahi, Delhi me vikash lana hai, Kashmir me vikash lana hai”, Dear Mr Gandhi still our capital needs development, the poor condition of Delhi during Rainy season is a great example & the world has seen the drama.

So above all statement is clear political statement, where no plane for citizens welfare. I don’t know about U.P but I know very very well about Bihar because I spent approximately 10 year their, where I have seen practically that under Lalu Yadav chief Ministry, its equivalent a hail due to crime rate people were living in miserable condition . How I have spent 10 years their I only know, I am asking this question to you Mr Gandhi what are doing that time? Why didn’t you came to Bihar & asked for development. Is this because RJD is collaborated with Cong. For your knowledge CM Nitish Kumar is a greatest CM of the era & he turned Bihar into Haven & people are leaving peacefully & happily.

At last I would like to say that please don’t be a great politician, please be a great leader like Mahatma Gandhi who said once “be the change you wish to see in the world” so please please change yourself rather than changing the society & we know you can do it. We know you having all the good quality a great leader posses but it’s dirty politics which influencing you. So please don’t get influence with dirt be the real Gandhi & the world will say “Rahul Gandhi ki Jai Ho”.


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