November 24, 2010

The best Chief Minster of the era:-Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar the best Chief Minster of the era? No doubt about it, Nitish is the best Chief Minister, The way he changed the future of Bihar only a best leader can do it.
Now the word, I am going to say not a false appreciation & buttering but a bitter truth, he is the Modern Gandhi of Bihar who brought good law & order as well as freedom to the citizen while Before Nitish, law & order was the toy of criminals & citizens were enslaved by them.
As I have done higher education Bihar & spent almost 10 year their so I have seen the condition of Bihar before CM Nitish. Do you know why I left Bihar & forced to shift in Delhi? This is the gift of "Gunda Raj(Poor law & order)" which forced us to shift in Delhi.
Murder, Robbery, Kidnapping & asking ransom was the sign of Bihar & criminals were moving freely on the road with gun & common man are living like animals not to talk about education, development. Life was totally unsafe, when a bullet will hit you nobody knows so people prefer to stay in home after sunrise. I think hail is better than Bihar that time, This is the sad history of Bihar during Lalu Yadav Chief Ministry. During Lalu, Bihari word was like a jock but now people are saying 'proud to be Bihari".
At last I would like to say that what CM Nitish has done for Bihar none of the political leader done for India after Gandhi Jee. In modern age, if I respect any leader from my heart that is none other than CM Nitish Kumar because he proved that still people love honesty & good work , politics is not about only corruption & scams but to serve the nation honestly. I am sure, what CM Nitish done for Bihar, if any Prime Minister has done the same thing for our nation than no doubt India will be the most developed in the world.
My salute to the great leader Nitish Kumar, Jai ho Nitish ki, proud to be a Bihari.


  1. This greatest win of Nitish Kumar in Bihar is going guide the future of india politics. This time there was no caste or money played its role. Just the only things that works is progress.

    Keep it up...