November 20, 2010

1,639 illegal colonies in Delhi, who is culprit?

The emerging power of the world economy & the fastest growing economy of the world, India. Do you know very strange thing about India's capital Delhi, their are 1,639 illegal colonies in Delhi, who made it possible? who is the real culprit? Govt, citizen, MCD(Municipal corporation of Delhi), property dealers or Delhi police? Let's find out
I think it's known to you that 65 people killed & 86 injured in Laxmi nager building collapse. Justify FullDelhi Urban Development Minister A K Walia yesterday said "The five-storey building collapsed as its foundation had weakened due to water seepage in its basement during monsoon when the Yamuna breached its banks. While CM Shiela Dixit said" we will investigate the incidence". As I have seen through out my life that when ever a tragic incidence occurs politicians always give the smiler statement & later totally forgetting every thing. As the mater of fact if we will probe the incidence honestly than we will find out that the real culprit is govt because every one follows the govt order & after govt, culprit no 2:-MCD(Municipal corporation of Delhi), culprit no 3:-Delhi police, culprit no 4:-property dealers & the last culprit citizen. You see last year Supreme Court ordered to demolish the illegal colonies but MCD has taken & kept silent to save the vote banks of govt & resulted, 65 people lost their life. On the other hand property dealers are & Delhi police together created these 1,639 illegal colonies & still their work is on & nobody is ready to take any action, even if people are making home inside the drain.
If am laying than come to the area like Nagoli, Vikash Nager the back side of Uttam nager, you will find out that property dealers were illegally occupied a lots of land & selling it the people with help of police. Every day I am watching this drama from my own eyes, I don't know what our govt is doing?
At last I would like to say that these illegal colonies are the gift of govt's poor policy & real culprit is our govt & culprit must be punished now question aeries who will punish our govt? than answer is citizen. Citizen needs punish the culprit govt to boycott the govt in coming election.
This is the only solution to save our life because we only a vote bank for the govt & otherwise our life is worthless. So please please wake up to punish the govt & cast your vote to the right candidate.


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