November 13, 2010

Reality shows are the murderer of Indian culture & tradition

Watch the drama of reality shows
I think every one including me facing the terror of reality shows in the Idiot box or T.V , the innocent viewers are forced to watch the D-grade reality show like “Rakhi Ka Insaf”, 'Big Boss "etc while earlier we have already enjoyed the bitter & the devastating realty shows like Rakhi Ka swayamvar, Rahul Ka swayamvar , Iss Jangal se Mujha Bachao, Deshi Girl, Pati patni or wo, Sach Ka Samana, Khatro Ka Khiladi etc . As far as I concern these realty shows are the mixer of sex, violence & vulgarity or you can say that the murderer of Indian culture & tradition. How uncomfortable it is to watch reality shows with family it’s known to you, in prime hour such shows should not be allowed to the viewers & according to my view such reality shows must be banned in India which misguiding the young generation & setting a wrong example in front of the society. I don’t want to blame any T.V actress & actor for their work because they are absolute professionals & they can do anything for money as the mater fact actor & actress are far way from culture & tradition, they only think about money. So don’t blame them blame the govt why our govt allowing such reality shows to broadcast in the channels. Is this for money? No doubt about that its money which giving green signals such shows.
At last I would like to say that govt must ban such reality shows to save out culture & tradition as well as new generation.


  1. I completely agree with this post. These reality shows are killing our culture and tradition. Some of the shows like Rakhi ka insaaf and Bib boss are utter non-sense. Indian culture and tradition is regarded as one of the best and ancient in the whole world. Even the western world respects it.
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