November 29, 2010

US:-Wikileaks documents release will put many lives at risk ?

Wikileaks created a sensation around the world after hacking US secret documents. Their initial release shed light on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which includes allegations of torture by Iraqi forces and reports that suggested 15,000 additional civilian deaths in Iraq but now they are claiming that new release is bigger the the past release.
Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks said that US authorities are afraid of this release because The latest leak is expected to include documents covering US dealings and diplomats' confidential views of countries including Australia, Britain, Canada, Israel, Russia and Turkey.
Mr Assange told reporters by video link on Sunday that "The material that we are about to release covers essentially every major issue in every country in the world".
Wikileaks already released 90,000 secret US records of US military incidents about the war in Afghanistan and 400,000 similar documents on Iraq & also posted video showing US helicopter killing 12 people - including two journalists - in Baghdad in 2007.
Wikileaks earlier this week said that its next release of documents would be nearly seven times larger than the nearly 400,000 Pentagon documents relating to the Iraq war.
The US government has written to Mr Assange, urging him not release the documents because The US state department has said the release will put many lives at risk so Mr Koh demanded that Wikileaks return official documents to the US government. According to BBC NEWS.
At last I would like to say that no doubt this release will put many life in danger but it's necessary for the world to get aware of the reality of the cold war.


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