November 30, 2010

Our Leaders are Good, Bad or Corrupt?

Our Leaders are Good, Bad or Corrupt? I think everyone will say our leaders are bad, bad & corrupt as the matter of fact goodness is far away from them. According to a famous proverb" Power tents to corrupt" so our powerful leaders are corrupt but I am not agreed with this statement still we have good leaders like Nitish Kumar who reformed the Bihar & turned into a Heaven while other political leaders are busy in corruption or too busy to solve it, nobody really cares about citizen & country's development.
Do you know it's character of person which makes him corrupt as it known to every body that "if you want to judge a person than place him authority" & after placing the leaders in authority we are always getting he becomes corrupt which is a very bad for our future. I think we are responsible for that because we are casting our precious votes to the criminals. If I am lying than go through all political leaders back ground, you will find out that 90% having criminal back ground or involve in corruption.
At last I would like to say please understand the power of democracy & Human rights. Just how Bihar entered into the golden era this is because they elected the leaders like Nitish Kumar so if you want that our every state will get similar development & wish our nation be like US & UK then we have to cast our votes to the right candidates rather than corrupted leaders. I am sure, if we will get an honest leader in central Govt, no doubt India will be the best & most develop country in the world.
So please please wake up, it's my request to every Indian other wise it's too late when our leaders will sell our nation for the greed of money.