September 19, 2010

Every Indian should pray & work for Common Wealth Games success.

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The World will remember Common Wealth Game 2010 which is going to host in India this year, I think you people are thinking I am criticizing the work of India, No, I am not criticizing because hosting Common Wealth Games is a mater of pride for Indians & if we will fail to organize it than it's a greatest insult of our nation so every individual should cooperate govt as a worthy citizen rather than criticizing.
Our govt invested millions of rupees behind games & if we fail to host Common Wealth Games than we will be the biggest looser & this lose take us many year back.
The cloud of complain, criticism & scam is over the Common Wealth Games, not only other nation are criticizing India but Indians are also criticizing which very much shameful thing, At first I hear criticism from Foot ball captain Bichung Bhutia, than Badminton queen Sania Nehwal than sports Minister M.S.Gill & not to talk about the opposition party NDA, they have tried their best to make unsuccessful but God is great which helped govt & finally we have a games village & ever thing is almost completed & rest will be all right before the game.
Do you know what given chance to criticize India that is nothing but the work of Indian who misrepresented India in front of the world specially Common Wealth Games Brand Ambassador Sania Nehwal who criticized games preparation, I think she has to understand the issue & cooperate govt rather than criticizing.
At first Indian started to criticize Common Wealth Games & now the world is following them. Do you know what given chance to the world to criticize us that is nothing but the foolishness of India which they have done to get the publicity in media. If you are a true patriot don't criticize your nation doesn't mater how it is because nation is nation & no one is greater than nation.
I am remembering the word of Delhi CM Shiela Dixit that " I am requesting every Indian don't misrepresent our nation in front of the world we should work together for the success of Common Wealth Games 2010". These words are not an political opinion but the bitter truth which every Indian should understand & cooperate govt because the success of Common Wealth Games is the success of India & failure of Common Wealth Games is the insult of India so please please, I am requesting to every Indian to cooperate with govt to make Common Wealth Game successful.
This is my massage to every Indian.
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At last I would like to say that Please pray for the success of Common Wealth Games 2010 because if you are not apart of success than don't be part of failure. Try to give your best to make Common Wealth Games 2010 successful through your words, deeds & behavior. If we will do so we will be the best host in the world, & the world will remember it, I think we can do it.


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