September 12, 2010

Every cricketer is a match fixer?

To see the heinous work of Pakistani cricketer Salman Butt, Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif. Question arising in "every one's heart that "every cricketer is a fixer? The way star players & best team are performing now days in world cricket. No doubt about it tat every cricketer is fixer. On the other hand see the words of Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif feels cricketers from all Test-playing nations indulge in spot-fixing and some matches are scripted “like movies”. Latif, who retired in 1994 to protest suspected match-fixing by his teammates, said Pakistani cricketers are not the only ones involved in such shady dealings. “I can easily say that players from every country do it,” Latif told the Age. “There are clever ways to manipulate and maximize profits if players are involved.” AGENCIES
If it is true & every cricketer is fixer than what is the need of such game which makes a player in to betrayer who cheats his nation for the greed of money. I am sure it's money which makes player in to fixer. As the mater of fact cricket is the game, which played for the pride of nation. As far as I concern a match fixer equivalent to a betrayer & he must be treated like a betrayer. Punishment is nothing but shoot at sight.
At last I would like to say that the players who playing the emotion of the cricket lovers, they are the black spot on the name of humanity & they have no right to play for the nation. I think cricket should be banned all over the world which creates cheaters &most important thing, it's destroying precious time.
So ban cricket for the bright future of nation as well as citizen.


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