September 26, 2010

5 simple tips can help you to earn through blogging

Do you wants to increase your AdSense earnings? Just follow the 5 simple tips that will work like a magic for almost any AdSense publisher. Check out, If you're not already doing these things means you're leaving money on the table.
1. Get More Traffic: The best way to make more money in almost any online venture is to get more eyeballs to your sites. There is usually a direct relationship between traffic and earnings (discounting temporary spurts due to being featured on Digg, Propeller, or other social marketing sites). If you want to make more money, attract more traffic.
2. Display Fewer Ads Per Page: Many AdSense publishers display as many ads as they can on a page. AdSense policies allow you to display up to three ad units, each with up to four ads. But the ads are displayed in order of payout, so the first ad (topmost or leftmost) in the first ad unit pays the most, followed by the second, etc. By the time you reach the ads in the third unit, the payoff has usually dropped quite dramatically so that any clicks on those ads will make you substantially less than clicks on the first few ads. Displaying one or two ad units instead of three and making sure the ads are displayed prominently within or around the content leads to higher per-click earnings.
3. Blend The Advertisements: You can get higher click through ratios (CTRs) by making sure the ad units blend into the content. This means their background colors should match the background colors of their surroundings, which would normally be white, and that the link color for the titles matches the color of all the other hyperlinks on the page. By drawing less attention to the ads and making them seem like they are just part of the content, you'll get more clicks.
4. Target Higher-Paying Keywords: Many AdSense publishers focus their content on the so-called "high-paying keywords" that garner multiple dollars per click. But those topics are rare and extremely competitive. Many advertisers don't even place those kinds of bids on the content network (AdSense), reserving them exclusively for the ads that get shown on the search network (search result pages). That said, you still want to think about the topics you're writing about. A lot of keywords are worth only a few cents per click. You want keywords that are worth 25 or 50 cents per click. This doesn't mean your overall niche has to change, just that you need to choose more profitable keywords within the niche. For example, instead of "cooking a turkey", write about "cooking schools".
5. Add More Content: The easiest way to increase your earnings is to add more content. It gets you more traffic (see #1 above) but it also adds "stickyness" to your site, ensuring that visitors read your content and that they come back. This gives you more opportunities to get clicks from those visitors.
These five ideas can work for any AdSense publisher looking to increase their earnings. So what are you waiting for, just follow these five steps & increase your earning.


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