September 07, 2010

They are Doctors or Terrorists?

Doctor's are respected as a God because they are saving the life of patients but now a days these Gods are turned into butchers who killed animal mercilessly. Doctor is nothing but the name of service & this profession is started to serve the humanity but now days these Doctors are only going behind money & they really don't care about bhe people's life. You see the saddest example of Rajeshthan In a tragic situation, over 50 people have lost their lives across Rajasthan after medical services was virtually paralysed in five major districts of the state with around 1,200 resident doctors going on an indefinite strike against alleged lathicharge on medicos in Jodhpur.
I know it's wrong thing that police lathicharged on Doctors than why they are giving punishment to the innocent common man while the culprit is police. I am totally against of such strike & 68 people lost their life who will pay for them. Govt should must punish 1,200 cruel Doctors who killed 68 people. The punishment is nothing but to blacklist such Doctors who are black spot on the name of humanity.
Finally govt has fulfilled the demand of the doctors & they called off the strike but Now the story started in New Delhi, SafdarJang Hospital, as all the Doctors are on strike & so far only one patient died due to strike & many patients facing problem & pain due to the heinous work of modern age doctors.
At last I would like to say that these Doctors are equivalent to terrorist Ajmal Kasab who killed people mercilessly & they should be treated like Kasab for their cruel deed.


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