September 20, 2010

Internet should be free to users?

Do you ever imagine how beautiful life will be when every one will access internet free, I think never than start thinking about it because The inventor of the Web has called for everyone to have access to his creation for free.
Tim Berners-Lee said that he would like to see everybody given a low-bandwidth connection “by default”.
He said the web could be instrumental in giving people access to critical services such as healthcare.
Currently, he said, just one-fifth of the world’s population has access to the web.
“What about the other 80%?” he asked the audience at the Nokia World conference in London.
“I would like to see people enrolled in a cheap data plan by default. I would like them to get it for free.” According to BBC

The question of whether the Internet should be free or not has been debated for some time now. The camp that believes it should states that communication is a fundamental human right, that Internet access is a necessity nowadays and points to the fact that in 2004, President Bush set a goal of affordable nationwide broadband by 2007, yet today over 100 million Americans still lack access to broadband.

The camp that is against free access underscores the dangers of the government controlling the Internet, and also states: "Among the roughly 27% of adult Americans who do not use the Internet, only 12% cited lack of access as the cause. In addition, 62% of dial-up users have no interest in switching to broadband.It makes little sense for government to subsidize or even give away broadband connections when so many people who could get broadband, don’t."

The solution could perhaps be to customize Internet pricing so that heavy users pay more than average users –- thus making it affordable to most to use the Internet for basic needs.

At last I would like to say that the more free the web is the more close to utopia can be. what a great man. I don't know if i believe that he invented www though. people are inventing and creating the web everyday as it is a giant repository of everyone's knowledge, foresight and input. maybe one day everything will be free and open for everyone. maybe blanket the earth with wireless web. I am sure Nicola Tesla would agree as he wanted to give the world unlimited free energy. but as long as there are the controllers I am sure this will not happen anytime soon. all it takes is uniting the worlds greatest ideas with the people that know how to implement it and make it work.


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