September 18, 2010

Hygiene at the Commonwealth Games bigger concern than terror threat?

Finally after a lot of controversy& criticism games village is ready, I think every one including govt is felling good & healthy but along with this good news one news that really worrying Indian that is the statement of Australia's swimming coach Leigh Nugent, you see what he said " hygiene at the Commonwealth Games Village in Delhi is a bigger concern for him than the terror threats to the October 3 to 14 event". I think this statement is totally ridiculous, as the mater of fact when you are organizing a big event than problem is bound to come so in spite of cooperating, criticizing, I don't think it's cleverness.

"You can go to a Western-style country and still get sick, but on the subcontinent they have bugs we have no resistance to," Nugent was quoted as saying by 'The Daily Telegraph'.

"Things like vomiting and diarrhoea can run rampant through a team, wreaking havoc on months of preparation and destroying medal chances. So you have to be extra vigilant and make sure you have as many preventative measures in place as you can."

Nugent said all the Australian swimmers have been given hand-sanitising gel, probiotics to boost immunity and long-sleeved shirts, long trousers and bug repellent plus mosquito zappers to guard against diseases such as dengue and malaria.

"And even when you're having a shower, you should keep your mouth closed," Nugent said.

"We're living in the village with probably 7000 or 8000 other people and not everyone has good hygiene, and you don't know who's touched the door in front of you," he said.

"Touching things, you can pick up bugs that you're not used to in our normal environment and next thing you're sick and out of action. All of these bugs are invisible, so you have to be ultra-careful."

Nugent said the swimmers have already instructed about personal hygiene during the October 3 to 14 event.

"They're well educated in it, but it needs to be habitual," Nugent said.

"When we're in our strategy camp in Kuala Lumpur we'll be really ramming that message home hard and prompting our athletes and our staff so that they stay fit and healthy. It's easy to forget, but you really can't afford to forget in this environment," he added.

At last I would like to say every nation should cooperate India for good work because first time India is organizing such big event & second thing organizing a big event during season & most importent thing 30% people of Delhi affected by flood but it's greatness of Govt who made it possible & finally given green signal to the games village.
I think might be we have done it late but we did it well & best. I think every nation will learn a lesson from us because the hospitality India can give no can come closure to it. I am sure Australia's swimming coach Leigh Nugent will must appreciate India to enjoy our hospitality.
Because India is great


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