September 15, 2010

See The Blessing of Common Wealth Game 2010

Common wealth Game the main agenda of Indian govt & result is nothing but the miserable condition of common men. In spite of solving Rocket high Inflation, unemployment problem, population growth, corruption, poor medical facility & poor education system & poor disaster management, govt is busy behind Common wealth game or IPL. To organize the CWG games Indian govt spent millions of rupees & also diverted the poor people fund to the CWG games but still nothing is completed only month ahead to organize the big event. The budget of CWG games increasing day by day common men are forced to stay on the road. Just look at the picture these are people who are effected by flood but govt is not ready do any thing but thinking about the CWG games. See the cruelty of politics, You know why govt is thinking about games because its giving them money bout not about common men because common men no more than a vote bank for them. They are useful only during election & after then they are equivalent to animals.
Do you know what will make Common wealth game unsuccessful that is nothing but the pain of common men. Watch out the irony of Democracy as Abraham Linchon said" Democracy is of the people, for the people & by the people but in India its only for games. India is really great.
I think the sole of Gandhi & Nehru must be crying in heaven to see the work of Politicians & they must be feeling sorry for fighting freedom fight because they given us freedom from Britisher but again Indian enslaved under the cruel politicians.
At last I would like to say that we should boycott games to save India & Humanity. This is the only solution to corruption.


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