September 07, 2010

Indian Govt Creating Taliban In Kashmir???

Naxalism the greatest problem of Indian which is still unsolved, do you know why ? This is due to the poor policy of govt. This is not enough, now govt is going to create Taliban in India. Might be you seeking answer from me how? You see so far Forces killed more civilians than in terrorist in Jammu & Kashmir. Just check out the official figure of 2010, a total of 27 civilians have died in terrorist attacks this year till date, while 68 civilians have died in actions by security forces.
The chilling statistics tell the story of 2010 — a year that saw most traditional parameters, such as the number of incidents and casualties, for measuring Kashmir violence hitting rock bottom. Even in 2008, when the Amaranth land agitation hit both Jammu & Kashmir regions, out of the total of 147 civilians killed in the year only 57 died in actions by security forces. The rest of the killings, 90, were in terrorist actions.
In 2009, of the total 83 civilians killed in the state, only 11 died in actions by security forces. But the figures of 2010 till date show how significantly the situation has turned away from historical realities, how the security forces have literally become the “biggest perpetrators” of violence in the state. According to TOI
Do you know what is future of this act, that is nothing but the dark future of India. The mistake Pakistan has done, India is doing the smiler thing that is nothing but " peace at gone point" which impossible to find out, but this act is the creator of violence & war. Do you ever tried to understand the pain of the common men who loosing their dear one in violence, I think never. You know this pain showing the seeds of hatred in hearts of common men for security persons in J& K. I think that day is not far when they will do take the revenge as now a days Naxalist taking from the security forces.
At last I would like to say that Indian Govt must stop such operations in J& K to save India, other wise the dark future is waiting for us & the dark future is nothing but the creation of Pakistan in India.


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