September 28, 2010

Right said Milkha Singh

The Flying Sikh Milkha Singh lashed out at the foreign athletes on Sunday for making too much noise about the living conditions at the Commonwealth Games Village, saying that they can stay at hotels if they don’t like the accommodation.
“I think we are getting dominated by our guests. I have also been to number of countries and there have been times when the arrangements were not very good but we never made such a fuss out of it,” Milkha said.
“I think India is giving in to the demands of our guests a little too much. The guests cannot dictate us. If they (foreign athletes) don’t like the arrangements they should go and stay in the hotels,” said the 81-year-old.
The build-up to the Games has been marred by controversies with the Games’ Village being termed by some foreign officials as “filthy and unlivable”. There was a firing incident at two foreign nationals and a footbridge collapsed near the main venue.
Milkha, the only Indian who has won a gold in Commonwealth Games track and field event, however, said the controversy surrounding the Commonwealth Games have tarnished the image of India. “What should have been ready three years ago is still not complete. We waited till the last moment to finish everything, hence bringing disrepute to the nation,” fumed the Flying Sikh, a name given to him by Pakistan General Ayub Khan in 1962. According to TOI
At last I would like to say that Right said Milkha Singh, we are with you, your words are a bitter truth which every foreign athletes have to accept. As the mater of fact one who criticizes, blames & complains, he is a fool & we Indian never shown our foolishness any where. This is India & our culture & this is what every nation to learn from us.


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