September 28, 2010

Common wealth Games, Shame and Fame?

Game, Shame and Fame

Winning in the race for CWG 2010 organizing in Delhi seven years back was a big day for India but it's turn in to curse due to the corrupted game officials who played the most important role to push us in back foot & when govt came in to act rain God done the remaining thing & failed to complete the work in time.
We missed and messed the opportunity to show case our capabilities to the world as demonstrated by our neighbor China. In this probably major hurdle was initially the then Sports Minister Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyyer. He had his own vision of organizing Sports in India but that he could never implement. He may be right but when he is not getting the support he should have resigned or opted out of the Govt. His stubborn attitude could be seen when he addresses media some time back and said that he would be happy to see that CWG 2010 proves to be a big flop show. This is probably was very important period that was lost. Any way these facts would get revealed later after the event is over and Vigilance and Investigating agencies will dig up the records. I am sure that the Govt. will not leave any one responsible for delaying the projects related to the games that brought shame. Not only delays but even the involvement of corruption will be certainly looked in to. This time Prime Minister would do a lot of good if he sees to it that these scoundrels are hanged in accordance with the law. The punishment should be so illustrative that no future projects are ever taken for a ride in the country and if needed we must change the required provisions of the law to make punishment deterrent enough to signal that corruption will not be tolerated in this country any more.
Having said all that, I would like to add now that Games that brought Shame to the nation now be used at this late stage to secure Fame for the nation by giving our best to the athletes so that they carry very good impression of India.

Games, Shame and Fame.


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