March 13, 2010


If any one want to learn the art of misusing technology, than learn it from Indians because no body knows better than Indians, how to utilize the technology? You see August Kotter invented Rifles to protect the humanity from animals& enemies while we Indian are using it, in crimes like robbery, murder, rape etc. Now come to the mobile phones, Dr. Martin Cooper invented mobile phone to establish better communication in between people & we Indian are using it, in aashiqui(romance), I think you all aware about this, how our young generation using it. Now come to pinhole hidden camera, Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham), invented pinhole camera for “security purpose” but we Indians are using it, in change room of the shopping mall or swimming pool for making MMS or any other sex related crime, I think you all have seen such news in news channels. Joseph and the British Berners-Lee invented Internet for development & to connect the world together but the most shameful thing, we Indians are doing that is the misuse of " Internet "the technology which is the greatest part of globalization & the treasure of knowledge, we Indian are using internet for watching porn sites or romance, if you don’t believe get in to any Cyber cafe, you will find out the dirty sight of watching porn sites by the teenagers or chatting with girl friends using Yahoo or Orkut. A country where youngsters are using technology in this way, can they develop? Please think about it, I think we Indian never thought about it, is this our culture? While we people always saying in front of the world “Proud to be Indian”, Is this our proudness?
At last I would like to say that science is a blessing, if you use it in right purpose but turns in to curse, when we are using it, wrong purpose. So choice is upon you, what you like? Blessing or curse, please use the technology for right purpose rather than your evil acts, when we Indian can do this than only we can say “Proud to be Indian”, Jai Bharat, Jai Hind.


  1. I am not agreed with your view that only we Indians misuse the technology.
    In fact everyone do it, this a human tendency.
    "Power Corrupts, Absolute power corrupt absolutely".
    Thats why we all do it... It is not wrong, but we shouldn't forget our ethic.

  2. Indians are doing in majority & majority always counts.