January 16, 2011

12/01/2011, The Blackest Day Of Indian History ???

12/01/2011, The blackest day of Indian history because on this shameful day CPWD(Center Public Work Department) demolished a mosque and a temple claiming that it's an illegal structure.
According to TOI "At the same time the illegal mosque in Jangpura was razed, the Central Public Works Department demolished a temple in south Delhi’s Pushp Vihar. The 30-year-old ‘Shiv Shakti Jagannath Mandir’ was brought down around 11am on Wednesday following an order by the religious committee of the Delhi government, backed by the lieutenant governor. The temple had been built illegally and was ordered demolished almost a year ago. Residents protested the move and alleged that an assistant engineer had more than once approached them for a bribe to prevent the demolition. “We didn’t give him money and the bulldozer stormed the temple and even broke the statues of all the gods,” said Pushp Kumar Aggarwal, a resident. Local Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders held a dharna on Friday and threatened to begin an agitation if the temple was not restored". 
If a temple and mosque will be illegal than what will be legal. You know in Delhi only 3600 illegal colonies were built under the supervision of our political leaders, Delhi police and property dealers, what about them. I have written briefly about it in my article "1,639 illegal colonies in Delhi, who is culprit?"
As far as I concern, The dirty politics is going on the name of demolition, you see after the protest Chief minister Sheila Dikshit pledges to rebuilt the mosque. she blamed DDA for this act and told nothing about the demolished temple. What about the temple? what about the broken statues of Gods? When you will talk about it ? When Hindu community will also react like the Muslim community than you will rebuilt it. Great Job, at first hurt some one religious sentiments than rebuilt it. What about the culprits who is behind this shameful act? 
Our govt is playing dirty game of politics with the common man to hide their ugliness. You see due to inflation people living in miserable condition now only hope is from God but our politicians are ready to take way this hope from us. Our leaders are saying Hindu terrorist or Muslim terrorist but I am saying that politicians are the real terrorists. They should be punished by the common men.
At last I would like to say that if a mosque and temple is never be illegal, doesn't matter where it is built. If it is illegal than nothing is legal in this world.


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