January 11, 2011

Devastating Flood Sent Australia Many Year Back

When the world was celebrating Christmas and New Year that time Australians were fighting against deadly flood. This year Santra came to Australia with bad news. The devastating flood taken Australia many year back
Some infrastructure in Australia's flood-hit Queensland state could take years to rebuild, the head of the flood recovery taskforce, Major-General Mick Slater, said on Friday.
According to BBC News, More than 20 towns in Queensland have been cut off or flooded, with more than 200,000 people affected.
Military aircraft are flying supplies into Rockhampton, which has been isolated by the still-rising waters.
The authorities have now confirmed three deaths caused by flood waters in the past few days.
While the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, saying: "This is a major natural disaster and recovery will take a significant amount of time. 
Approximately 850,000 sq km have been affected, an area equivalent in size to France and Germany.
Australian Red Cross executive director Greg Goebe told to BBC that "It is a major disaster, it's a heartbreak for many, many thousands of people and will certainly take an enormous amount of time to get their communities back to normality,".
Prime Minister Gillard has announced that grants and low-interest loans would be made available to help local businesses recover from the flooding.
At last I am praying to Almighty God, please save us and our Earth from the calamity of nature.


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