January 07, 2011

Every Act Of Sreesanth Is A Publicity Stunt???

The controversy King Sreesanth mostly famous for his controversies rather than his performance.in cricket. People saying that Sachin must be born with a bat because of his great achievement in world cricket but I am saying Sreesanth is must be born with controversies. His every act became a history, Let's a quick look on his controversies:-
According to Wikipedia, At first he was fined after breaching the International Cricket Council's advertising logo policy, and also for "conduct contrary to the spirit of the game" after sending off Hashim Amla after dismissing him. He was also involved in a highly-publicized confrontation while batting against paceman Andre Nel. Nel delivered a series of fast balls at Sreesanth's upper body and after Sreesanth ungainly evaded one delivery, taunted him by gesturing to his chest, indicating that he felt Sreesanth was lacking in courage. On the next ball, Sreesanth gave him the charge and hit the ball straight over the bowler's head into the stands for a six. He then whirled his bat in enthusiam and danced down the wicket, making fun of Nel and performing a dance.
Later, Sreesanth said that he would not repeat anything of the sort, since he could be suspended for violating the code of conduct. Even though he went unpunished for the Nel incident, he was fined 30% of the match fee for running towards Hashim Amla after picking up his wicket, and wearing a branded garment under the jersey. 
Sreesanth courted controversy once again during the fourth day of the second test of India's 2007 tour to England at Trent Bridge. He was fined half of his match fee for deliberately shoulder barging England captain Michael Vaughan whilst walking back to his mark. He also bowled a beamer at batsman Kevin Pietersen, which the latter had to take drastic action to avoid. Sreesanth however did immediately apologise afterwards. After the match he said that the ball had slipped from his hand. Soon afterwards, he bowled a no-ball where he overstepped the crease by roughly 2 feet (0.61 m), leading to speculation it was deliberate; the delivery was a bouncer to Paul Collingwood. Former England captain Michael Atherton called for Sreesanth to be banned for the Pietersen beamer, saying that Sreesanth couldn't control his on-pitch emotions.
On April 25, 2008, following the victory of his Kings XI Punjab's victory in the Indian Premier League over the Mumbai Indians at Mohali, Sreesanth was slapped under his eye by Harbhajan Singh, the captain of Mumbai.
Recently on 2011 Jan, Cap town, South Africa,  he fought with South African Captain Gram Smith  and paid 30% of his match fees as a penalty.
You see number time he faced official warning from BCCI  for indiscipline both on and off the cricket field but he don't ready to correct himself. Do you know what is the reason behind it. As far as concern,The reason is nothing but  "publicity ka funda", every act of Sreesanth is a publicity stunt. As it known to you that he loves to dance and act like Bollywood stars so he is following "Bollywood ka funda", be a part of controversy and get famous and that's what he doing in the field. What you think? Must leave your valuable comments..


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