January 11, 2011

No Solution To Inflation In India, Keep Shouting

" The three-week deadline agriculture minister Sharad Pawar had set for onion prices to come down is over. But onions still continue to rule at Rs 60-70/kg. And it’s not onions alone — vegetables still are very pricey. This is adding to the worry of the government already under pressure from soaring prices" 

This is the first time our leaders are lying in front of the nation but this false promises are the part of of politics, you see last year CM Manmohan Singh promised to nation that he will solve problems like 1-Maoist ,2-Inflation, 3-corruption,4- political management, 5- Indo-Pak ties/terrorism. Last year I have written about this in my article "

"PM Manmohan Singh's Five promise to the nation true or false?"

But problems are still their apart from solving it's growing like wild fire and looking like incurable disease. When PM can make false promises than nothing to talk about Agricultural Minster Sarad Power. Now come to the Onion, why we people are shouting for price rise. As the mater of fact we are responsible for this price rise. We people only know to shout not want to do anything. 

You see during election we have the power to nail the corrupt that time we are casting our precious votes blindly to the corrupted leaders and when they are showing their religion, we are shouting. Is it fare to do? 

At last I would like to say a famous prover related to Politics that "Politicians are always same,they can even promise to built a bridge, where their is no river". Than these promises are negligible.  You know, when we people get solution to inflation? When our leaders will become honest, which is impossible so no solution to inflation.

Keep shouting for Price Rise, Keep up the sprite, Go India Go.......


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