January 11, 2011

Do You Know What Making Bihar And UP Backward?

Do you know why Bihar and UP backward? Let's find out the answer. To see the maximum no of IAS officers belong to Bihar & UP, people started to call Bihar & UP as “The factory of IAS”. Indians are  thinking that Bihar & UP's students are very talented and the education system is really top class that 's why they are competing UPSC with good majority every year. 
As the mater of fact talent is hidden every where in India but why only Bihar & UP people getting success in UPSC. I think this is because the old tradition followed by the Bihar & UP people. According to a song of Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari that"MA me admission leke competition dewat wa" means preparing for civil service after taking admission on MA. Bihar & UP are the only state where parents compelling their children to prepare for civil service & getting a govt job in any condition. They are also giving assurance to take care them & their family till they will not get a govt job. 
As I have seen from my own eyes that no of my friends from Bihar still preparing for civil service, their age is more than 30 years & they are preparing since 1994. Now they got married & their parents taking care of their family & expecting their success in civil service. They given uncountable competitive exams to get a govt job & failed but didn’t left the preparation. Now most of them working in Indian Railways & other govt sectors and some of them still preparing. 
One thing I really appreciate in them that is their passions which helps them to compete the civil service. I think if a person will get such type of back up & blind support of parents than UPSC is very small thing, he can do the miracle to convert impossible into possible.
At last I would like to say that no doubt competing UPSC talent is required but along with talent guardians support is must essential which other people lacking. I think the poor condition of Bihar & UP is the result of their govt job seeking mentality because they are wasting their youth in preparation & old age they are getting success which stops their growth & taking them backward than other state. The development of Bihar & UP is impossible till they will not change their poor mentality.


  1. Wow! that's a long time to prepare for a job. almost like a job-college. It must be a really popular place to work, that the turnover is low.