January 01, 2011

Let's Say No To Corruption & Yes To Honesty On 2011

 Let's Say Bye To Corruption

At first I would like to wish all of you, a happy new year 2011 and praying to God that God will fulfill all your dreams in wonderful way. Hope in the that what we did last year that will not be get repeated again. Do know what I am talking about, I am talking abut the corruption and Scams. Let's oath together to say no to corruption and scams.You might be thinking about politicians, no I am talking about every human being including our leaders.
Now a days corruption is a part of  everyone's life, looking like no life without corruption. As political leaders are famous for corruption and scams but now days common man also playing a big role in scams and corruption. So easily we are saying that our politicians are corrupted, do we ever thought how corrupted we are? I think never A common who gets very rare chance for corruption but when ever gets a chance he is performing this job so greatly. Theft of electricity, income Tex defaulter, Loan defaulter, telecoms bill defaulter, credit card defaulter, illegal construction and many more, who is behind them a common man.
Gone are the days when politicians are doing scams, now a days common man also believes to do it, you see the example of Disgraced Citibank relationship manager Shiv Raj Puri and Raju from Satyam. 
On the other hand you see the work of our modern age saints as Swami Nityanand, Swami Bhimanand and Pope Benedict and many more to come. 
Now come to to our protectors, Police, CBI and Army they also turned into predator just see their work, every day you will find out some on the news papers.
Than come our doctors and engineers who said be the back of every nation they also became corrupted due their corruption many innocent people loosing their life.
The most important thing, the exposer of Wikileaks which shown the dirty faces of politicians and their dirty politics.It's shows clearly that politicians have only one religion that is corruption, while our Indian politicians proved that they have two religion they are scam and corruption. 
As I experienced in my life practically that  every person is engaged in corruption doesn't matter he is common man or political leader. Please think it over, If we are corrupted than how can we expect our leader will be a saint. It's impossible.
At last I would like to request every human being including our leaders please please stop corruption. Say no to corruption this year and became a human being. Human being  means honesty and righteousness, so please be honest and serve the humanity.
Let's Oath together, we will never be a part of corruption from today. Honesty will be our religion not corruption.


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