January 12, 2011

The Greatest Reformer Of Indian Cricket :- SAURAV GANGULY

Today  India is the  no 1 team in Test Cricket and 2nd in ODI Cricket and the world is giving full credit to Capt. Dhoni and his team mates but we people forgotten the real hero behind this great achievement, who led the foundation of victory, the greatest reformer of Indian cricket.

Do you know who is that Hero? He is none other then the Bengal Tiger, our Dada "SAURAV GANGULY". This genius taught us the lesson of victory through his good captaincy. His qualities like killing spirit cool mind, enthusiastic, boldness, braveness, dedication & devotion made the difference for India. Especially his encouragement to his team mates compiled them to perform their best in unfavorable condition.
 I am remembering those days when he started his career against West Indies, in Australia tour, 1991, in front of a fast delivery from Ambrose how he jumped & got out. That time none of the Indian bats man like to play fast bowling specially against Pakistan, Australia & West Indies. From this incidence he learned a lesson & through his hard work, dedication & good performance in domestic cricket compiled the Indian selectors to give him another chance to prove. This time his performance has done the miracle. Soon he became the best captain of Indian cricket.
I would like to rewind you, his performance against Pakistan series, how single handedly he led us to the victory to blasting the bowler like Akram, Yunus, Aquib in every corner of the ground. From this series this victorious journey started .his performance in this series inspired his team mates to perform their best unitedly for our nation. In this way he made the strong & balance team & given no of series victory in abroad as well as in home but Indian selectors forgotten his contribution & created a situation & along with coach Greg  Chappell, that he taken his retirement from international cricket with tears in his eyes and still he is facing insult in India, you see in IPL auction he remained unsold.  IS THIS THE REWARD OF A TRUE PATRIOT?

At last I would like to say that Sourav Ganguly is the reformer of Indian cricket and he deserves to be honored and being an Indian it’s our duty to respect him. I am 100% sure that he is the creator of a No. 1 team.  In reality Dhoni is not made us No. 1 ”use to paka pakya mil gyaa". You see the consistence performance from the legends like Sourav, Tendulker, Dravid, Zaheer, Harbhajan & Laxman in world cricket on the other hand the performance of youngsters is not up to the mark. So giving credit to Dhoni is foolishness. I think Dhoni still needs to prove a lot to become a best captain.


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