January 05, 2011

The Person Of The Era:-Julain Assange

Julain Assange the founder of Wikileaks and the super hero of modern age, as far as I concern, he is the most deserving candidate for the "The Times person Of The Year 2010" as he got 80, 000 votes but  he finally Mark Zuckerburg received the award. Do you think Zuckerburg really deserves it?
A person who rocked and shocked the world after disclosing 250,000 confidential government documents pisses off many important and dangerous people and a stunt of this intensity needs some considerable guts. It seems like Julian Assange is a moral police, wanting to tame everything concerning the US banks, governments, military you name it.
What Assange has done for this world none has ever dare to do this, singlhandedly he fought with baddies and exposed the dirty faces in world politics. He is the messenger of truth in modern age, selflessly he is fighting for the humanity.While Facebook founder Zuckerburg, did every thing for his own profit than how, he is the right candidate. 
The work of Julain Assange is hundred time greater than any award so I would like to say he deserve to be "The person of the era", what you think must leave your valuable comment.


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