January 08, 2011

Hurry, Your Favorite Cricketers On Sale, Sale Starts From 8th January 2011

 Ten bidders, 350 players, 16 hrs and $75m

Hurry, Your favorite Cricketers On Sale, Sale Starts From 8th January 2011, You might be thinking I am joking, but it's fact According to TOI, There is still no official word from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on whether the Indian Premier League 2011 will indeed be a 10-team affair or whether all these teams will take part in the mega-player auction scheduled for January 8 and 9 in Bangalore.
In a matter of 16 hours spread over two days from Saturday morning, $75 million (Rs. 3.3 billion) will be coughed up by some of India’s rich and famous to buy world’s best cricketing stars for the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The 2011 edition of the IPL will see 74 matches with ten teams and some of the hardest hitters and greatest bowlers in action.
As far as I concern IPL destroyed the dignity of cricket, player auction is the insult of cricket and sports. Like we are buying clothes from showroom, now a days IPL franchises buying cricketers in auction.The founder of IPL Lalit Modi, who played a great role to reach cricket in it's third grade label. It's known to you that IPL made cricket into a jock for money and cricketer also made themselves as a matter of fun to set a auction amount.
The irony of sports, a sports person who hold the flag of nation, plays for the pride of nation now ready to sale himself fro money. Is money is every thing? 
As I heard " Paisa khuda to nahe, lakin khuda ki kasam, kuda se kaam vi nahe"(Money is not God but not less than God). IPL clearly proving that money is every thing and nothing is above money. Not talk about nation, dignity and self respect. What you think, IPL is a boon or curse for cricket?


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