January 07, 2011

A Silent Prime Minister and Blind Citizen Can Never Find The Solution

Manmohan Singh is a great economist and a poor Prime Minister of our country, who has learnt the art of silence from the day he took oath to serve the country, till date he is pursuing the politics of silence unmindful of the scams sprouting under his nose.
On the other hand, The citizen of the country also following the politics of silence by opting not to vote when occasion arises, though the chances of finding a suitable leader may be difficult in the present times, nevertheless it is masses alone that can break the silence by raising their voice. Now a days  citizen lost their vision  due to long time silence and the blind citizen electing   the corrupted leaders.
As far as I concern the leaders are doing their work honestly and their duty is only scam and corruption. Don't blame them we Indian are the real culprit. It's known to us that "Politicians are the other name corruption than why we citizens are expecting honesty from them. 
You see the history of India after Gandhi and Shastri, did we ever got a honest leader, no never. After them we always found the corrupted leaders in Politics. Did they ever solved our problem. Since our independent, we people are shouting about inflation, poverty, unemployment, pollution, electricity, education, medical facility but these problem ever solved, no never but as the day progressing it's going to be critical or just like incurable disease.   
We people also know nothing is going to be happened, we only know to criticize, complain and blame and nothing else. You know these are the sign of a fool, please don't shout like foolish people nothing is going to happen, leaders will never change their policy.
At last I would like to say that only citizen can reform the society and we can do it to cast our votes to the right candidate rather than corrupted leaders. You see the example of Bihar, how CM Nitish changed the future of Bihar. When Bihar people can do it than why we can't.
What is the future of that nation where leader is silent and citizen are blind? So please please wake up other wise it's too late.


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