April 18, 2010


Truth is bitter”, but I am completely disagree with this saying, truth is never bitter but our language is bitter. While addressing, the conference organized by London school Business, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit told a bitter truth first time that “It is a matter of shame that in the capital city over 400,000 people are living in shanties" & also added that “I have no hesitation to admit that even after 65 years of independence we will rule like British”, According to TOI. No doubt, his words are hundred percent true telling the reality of development. I think first time a ruling political leader dared to speak truth publicly; I really appreciate CM Dixit’s confession regarding failure of govt policies as well as the reality of growth. On the other hand every political leader including our honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from UPA always singing the song of development & economic growth in front of media & public while the mater of there is no link between life expectancy of common men with growth & development . Every time our Political leaders wanted to prove through their beautiful speeches that India is one of the most developed nation in the world, while scenario is totally different, we are developed only on the paper not on the floor. I think our political leaders comparing India with our neighboring nation like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal that’s way they are saying like this, indeed we are more developed than our neighboring countries but this development is equivalent to that old proverb “Among the blind the one eyed is king” & no thing else.
Now a days common men are struggling to survive due to the rocket high inflation & unable fulfill their basic needs, their talking about growth & development is nothing but political, agenda to hide the incapacity of Indian Govt.
At last I would like to say that “No link between better life & growth” in India & development never possible in India till the standard of living style will not improve among the common men because:-
The development of common men is the development of nation.