April 04, 2010


Sania Nehwal & Sania Mirza both are famous icon of Indian sports, just see the similarities between them, both are "Sania" & having a soft corner for glamorous Bollywood & both of them started their career with flying success while one Sania crashed her career due to Boolywood influence & another Sania is going in the same direction, you see the statement of Sania Nehwal addressing to TOI that “I’m open to endorsements, but I’ll probably think of TV and films only after retiring from badminton. I keep practicing all day, where is the time to spend hours on make-up” & you all know how badly Sania Mirza effected by the glamorous world, if she is in performing her worst in world tennis this is nothing but the gift Glamor's world, I think all have seen her to walking in ramp like a model rather than practicing in field, the way glamor world influenced her she forgotten her originality that she is a spots star or film star & media played the most important role to destroy her tennis carrier & finally she is decided to do marriage after continues. I think Sania Nehwal is going to do the same mistake like Sania Mirza to show her interest in Cinema & TV & media is going to do the same blunder, to highlight her as film star or rock star, her dressing concept & thoughts indicating to wards her dark future which lies in glamor world, May God save her from the glamor world, just see, according to Lenny Kravitz “Today, people are more into the glitz and the glamor of everything. We don't even read the inside of records anymore” & Minnie Pearl “It's the most unglamorous glamor business in the world”. You see the history when ever a sports person gets in to the glamor world of cinema & TV, every time they became the destroyer of their own carrier while who kept distance from this world never faced setbacks, you see the example of Sachin Tendulker & Vinod Kambli, who successful Sachin is & where is Vinod Kambli while Kambli is more talented than Sachin according to Ramakant Achrekar.
At last I would like to say that glamor world & sports world are not made for each other & they can’t sustain together for long time as the mater of fact spots played for pride of nation while glamor world of cinema & TV, this is for an individual so spots person should understand the value sports & maintain its dignity in front of the world.


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