April 17, 2010


New zealand cricketer Chrish Cairns said."Modi is … possibly the most powerful man in world cricket today,"& power tends to corrupt & now a days, he is in trouble due to his connection with corruption, you see the income tax department raid in Modi residence & in all IPL offices while A senior BCCI member said there should be more than a ‘reprimand’ at the governing council meeting. “There is a thin line between transparency and confidentiality. Has he crossed that line? If you ask me, yes,”. I think he is in trouble due to his clash with External Affair Minister Shashi Tharoor & nothing else. Tharror received a “death threat” on SMS The message signed by ‘Shakeel’ said “Lalit Modi se maafi mangne ko bol nahi to jaan se maar denge. IPL ke taar D company se hai (Tell Tharoor to apologize to Modi or else he will be killed. IPL is linked to D-company),” this also putting question mark on Lalait Modi's honesty why some from under world supporting him?
On the other hand in a TV channel, Tharoor’s OSD Jacob Joseph said that Modi was unfit to run cricket as he had been charged and convicted of drug possession in the US and demanded that the ownership of Rajasthan Royals — the IPL chief is allegedly close to the team — be revealed. Joseph told the TV channel that ‘‘Why isn’t he talking about two other teams which are registered in Mauritius? Why is he insisting only on the ownership of Kochi franchisee? He has brought disrepute to IPL and cricket.’’According to TOI.
Raising questions about the business interests of Modi’s relatives in IPL, now a Rs 15,000-crore commercial empire. Now my question to all of you that " Lalit Modi is unfit to run cricket? He deserves to be IPL Commissioner. I don't what made him eligible for this post as he not having a cricketing back ground than how he can run well IPL, I think his appointment as IPL chief is also raising a question mark.
Now come to Modi's character, Why LalitModi wanted to stop the visa renewal of Gabriella Demetriades( South African models and Miss Bollywood IPL 2 beauty contest)? What his relation with her?
At last I would like to say that Modi is really unfit for running cricket & don't deserve IPL cheif post, if any one deserves they most be great cricketer like Sunil Gavasker & Kapil Dev who having a power to run cricket honestly & perfectly.


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