April 15, 2010

Youth in politics is a welcome change?

Nothing is impossible for youths so Youth in politics is a welcome change. Recently Varun Gandhi & Navjot Singh Sidhu appointed by BJP chief Nitin Gadhkari as a national secretary to promote BJP, in revert BJP MP Satrughan Sinha reacted in media that "Old is Gold, indeed old is gold but he forgotten that "New is Diamond"& far more precious than gold. I think youth should glitter like diamonds in Indian politics to reform it. In fact promoting youths in politics is the only way to clean the politics as well as to make corruption free society.
You see the US president Barack Obama, he is one of the greatest youth political icon & played most impotent role to reform the US economy as well as development. Before Obama none of the nation likes US & his policy but Obama totally changed the image of US in front of the world that every people & nation respects him & his good policies so he was awarded by Nobel Peace Prize on the other hand you see the reformation of Cong party by Rahul Gandhi, how single handedly brought victory for Cong & dramatically changed the game in last election while before Rahul Cong was no more than lamb man but Rahul made Cong to stand on his own fit.
Most impotent thing youths have enthusiasm, will power, metal & physical power as well as the determination & dedication to succeed.
At last I would like to say that youths are precious Diamond, just give them chance to glitter in Indian Politics, I am sure they will make a corruption free politics & society. The power of Youth The power Of India.


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