April 13, 2010


 Do you think "Sania-Shaib" marriage will strengthen Indo-Pak ties? I discovered this great question on Times of India, open for voting. What a stupid question it is? Please think over it how can Sania-Shoaib marriage will help in Indo-Pak peace project? Is Shoaib the Prime Minister of Pakistan & Sania Prime Minister of India that their marriage will bring peace for both country & they will forget every thing & started leave a happy marriage life & work to establish peace between Indo-Pak, in fact both are not PM, both having celebrity status & nothing else so it can't be possible.
Now my question to all of you, do you think Taliban along with Osama Bin Laden will surrender their weapon after Sania-Shoaib marriage? Do you think Pakistani political leaders & citizens will change their mentality after Sania-Shoaib marriage? Its bitter truth no never so nothing can work out establish peace between Indo-Pak because Indo-Pak peace project is never ending project, when the leader like Gandhi & Nehru failed to do this, than how can  our corrupted leader can do it.
At last I would like to do a humble request to TOI & other news Channels, for the shake of God, please don't ask such baseless stupid questions to readers & leave both "Shoaib-Sania" alone with their happy marriage life.


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