April 15, 2010


I think you all have heard this common proverb that "few lawyers were born with silver spoons in their mouths."But I am sure a person borne with controversy is none other than our External affair minister Shashi Tharoor, you see followed by no of controversies on by one looking like he & controversy is made for each other, when he speaks or write always its turns in to big controversy & every time he forced to beg apology publicly. Very strange This time he not in controversy for his though but this time controversy created due to his new love & his IPL connection, Now a days his war with IPL Commissioner Lait Modi & relation ship with Sunanda Puskar is head line of every news channels. Indian Media got a new love story after "Sania-Shoaib" marriage as "Shashi-Sunanda", you can easily find out the picture of them in every news paper headline. The real conflict begins when Modi twits in Twitter about the "Shashi-Sunanda" relationship & on the other hand Media reports claim Modi approached Tharoor in Jan to ensure that visa of Gabriella Demetriades (pic below) an S African model & IPL Miss Bollywood 2009 finalist, wasn’t extended after it expired in Feb. The visa was extended
Asked at a press conference if he tried to get the visa blocked, Modi declined comment" According to TOI, in this way another big controversy created as "Modi-Gabriella " relationship, which is in front of us in media. This controversy created another controversy that he is involved in buying an IPL team as Kochi team & he used his friend Sunanda as a weapon to buy the Kochi team & this involvement created another fresh controversy that opposition party BJP demanded Tharoor's resignation for his IPL connection. Finally above all controversies created the most sensitive controversy that Tharoor received life threatening SMS & advised to keep away from IPL. You see how a simple mater turn in to no of controversies. Its shows clearly that Tharoor is the another name controversy.
At last I would like to say that behind Tharoor's controversy connection media playing a big role every time so Tharoor needs to give some guideline to media for his peaceful & controversy free life.


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