April 08, 2010


According to William Shakespeare “Beauty makes a women proudly, virtues make her praiseworthy while her shyness makes her goddess”. The word “sharm & haya” these are jewels of women & its keep women safe in society, you see as the day progresses sex related crime increasing against women increasing, this is because of the modernization of society, people started to think that the short dresses are the shine of modernity, Bollywood & Hollywood are the great example & following it but real life & cinema there is no match where actress are wearing short dresses or you can say bulgur dresses because this is their profession on the other hand women started to follow the film stars & using the same dressing concept in daily life & this is the main reason for increase in sex related crime while sex related crime against women in golf countries very less compare to other country as Muslim women are believing in “Parda” & wearing “Burkha” which protects them from the evil of society. Recently:-
Darul-uloom Deoband has said that “exhibiting bodies by Muslim women while modeling is against the Shariat law”, According to TOI.
The fatwa, which describes modelling as un-Islamic, was issued by Mufti Habibur Rehman, Mufti Mehmood Hasan, Mufti Fakhrul Islam, Mufti Zanul Islam and Mufti Waqar Ali of the seminary on Monday.”
In reaction in media uncountable people criticized “Fatwa” of “Daru-uloom Deoband” not even a single people told it right how critically people are influenced by the cinema & television that nobody want to hear the truth, this fatwa is not individual statement but this is the Islamic law to protect the women from the evil but no one is ready to hear it. According to Holy Quran “A day will come when people will invent machine which will talk & misguide people” & that machine is none other than TV & cinema, the influence of TV & cinema how badly misguided people that none is ready to hear the truth & holy book. It’s an old saying that “women are like rivers, when river crosses his limit brings destruction & women brings destruction too when she crosses her limit”, the condition of society showing clearly that they gone beyond their limit & result is in front of us, corruption, crime every where & world is failed to control it.
At last I would like to say that banning TV & cinema as well as implement some dress code for women we can able to control sex relate crime against women & make a corruption free & crime free society.


  1. I don't believe in this thing. Still I feel everyone is very to think, eat, wear... So, please let them to do it...

  2. I think giving fatwa on modeling the insult of this holy word "fatwa".