April 06, 2010


The war is on “Gandhi vs. Gandhi”, it must be surprised you & you people want to ask me, how it is possible. As you have heard the name of Sonia Gandhi, Priyanaka Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi, than which Gandhi is against of them. He is none other than late Sanjay Gandhi & Menka Gandhi's son Varun Gandhi, the national secretary of BJP, who recently entrapped by the politics of political parties due to his controversial statement against Muslim community during election campaign, later he confirmed that its conspiracy of political parties to defame him& restrict him to fight election, as far as I concern Varun is saying the bitter truth because one who want to rule in India he will never give such type of statement on the other hand his statement before election “The tears of her mother will be answered by the Pillivit citizens” & he proved his innocence as well as his true leadership quality to won the election with vast majority, Varun posses a great leadership quality as well as popularity that’s why political parties made such conspiracy to defame him but the mater of fact truth is the greatest weapon which protected him.
I think Varun Gandhi is the best candidature for BJP chief & he having all the good leadership quality a best leader posses & the most important thing he having the “Gandhi” with his name which is greatest weapon to win the election. You see BJP chief Nitin Gadkari recently appointed him as national secretary; it’s a clear indication that Varun Gandhi is the future of BJP & suitable candidate for BJP chief, the way I am thinking, BJP is thinking the same way.
At last I would like to say that the only factor which is going to make difference for BJP in coming election that is none other than Varun factor, so BJP should give him a chance to prove himself as well as to fight war “Gandhi vs Gandhi”, I think this will decide, who is the real Gandhi? Rahul or Varun.


  1. Lifes of both Gandhi are very much different. You cant say who is real. But I believe both have to do alot be said as successor of Gandhi legacy.