April 07, 2010

Naxalism.....Terrorism & Politics

Now a days, Naxal power is developing in India in alarming speed & no doubt that day is not far when Naxals will destroy India like Taliban destroying Pakistan, every day a terrorist attack in Pakistan & In India Naxals are flowing the foot prints of Taliban. You see the growth in Naxal attacks as the day progresses, approx every day they are attacking the Indian Railway, CRPF camps or villages. April 5th 2010, this is one of blackest day of Indian history as a troop of 1000 of Naxas attacked on CRPF troop, during their returning from 'Operation Green Hunt' & killed 74 jawans & 150 are missing, this is the most deadly attack by Naxalies so far in India, in reaction of this panic incidence our honorable PM Mr Manmohan Singh & Defense Minister Mr Chidambaram shown their sympathy & surprise & told that “Bahut dukh ki baat hai”, what shameful statement that is! After every Naxal attack both are giving the same statement & later forgetting the entire story. You see last time when Naxals attacked,on Feb 15nth 2010, West Bengal CRPF camp, at least 24 Eastern Frontier Rifle (EFR) jawans were killed on Monday when the ultras overran their camp at Silda in West Midnapore after setting it on fire., Defense Minster given his statement that “they are sitting ducks” what a shameful statement! I think you all know that Naxal leader Kishan Jee called cease fire for 72 hour & agreed to talk, with giving his mobile no to media but none of political leader shown their interest in talk & short out the problem. On the other hand Defense Minister Chidambaram given his fire statement that “ Naxals surrender their weapons other wise ready to face the bullet” just see who is facing the bullets due to your carelessness & negligence as well as dirty politics, as the mater fact you people are creator of this panic situation, if you people have taken initiatives during talk that situation never be out of control like this. Do you think your sympathy will short this problem? You people are doing the same mistake which Pakistan has done, to take Taliban so lightly in the initial stage; you see the present condition of Pakistan, every day they are playing the game of blood in Pakistan. Do you want the same situation in India, to neglect them while Naxalism is more deadly than terrorism in India?
At last I would like to say that Naxalism is equivalent to Terrorism but Politics is worst than terrorism. As the mater fact we people never get solution from Terrorism, Naxalism or any other Ism till political leaders not stop their dirty politics.


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