April 18, 2010


Now a days India is one of the fastest growing economic in the world while economic growth needs to do a lot with human development & especially the development of women which is essential for our real growth because “Literate a man literate an individual literate a woman literate a family”. Only giving33% reservation is not empower the women society but they most know the meaning of reservation given to them & they should enjoy the reservation independently for the growth of women society rather than work under the super vision of men community Robert or may be get utilize as vote bank to pass the bill in parliament.
You see from the ancient time our male dominated society given designation of Goddess while women society never got such respect in our society. I think the reservation to women is not more the designation given to them as Goddess. Former CM of Bihar Rabri Devi is the great example in front of us how RJD Chief & Former Railway Minster Mr Lalu Prasad Yadv utilized her in politics while she was no more than a supreme zero as a CM of Bihar that time. She rued Bihar under the super vision of his husband, Mr Lalu Yadv.
We don’t want women will be get utilize in politics like this but we want power full women in politics like Indira Gandhi to rule our nation because the power of women is the power of nation.
At last I would like to say that women empowerment is must for our nation’s development so till women will not understand the meaning of reservation & not get individual & independent statues, in politics development can’t be achieved.


  1. no doubt women development is the nation development