April 05, 2010


A Doctor is regarded as God because he gives new life to patient but now a days this Gods are turned into butchers who is ready to kill patients for money, a famous saying about doctors that “A gifted teacher is as rare as a gifted doctor, and makes far less money.” and  now day’s doctors are only thinking about money not the life of patients. As I have seen from own eyes the cruelty of doctors in a hospital named “Ayushman Hospital” its one of the famous hospital in Dwarka, New Delhi, I am taking you five years back when I was a fresher in New Delhi, this horrible incidence took place with one of my friend, who was working than in ICICI Lombard and getting only 10000 per month, as her wife was pregnant, when she felt uneasy due to pain, my friend decided to consult a doctor and find the nearest hospital “Ayushman Hospital” which is located in Dwarka, Sect-5, he immediately rushed to the hospital and admitted her there, than he informed his relatives along with me. when we reached to hospital came to know that doctors already operated her while she was only 7 months pregnant that time, one of the doctor came to us and told my friend that both “wife and child” are in serious condition and both are kept in ICU(Intensive Care Unit) so immediately deposit 50 thousand rupees if you want to save their life and that time he had no money so he asked one of his friend who given him 40 thousand rupees and I managed to help him only 5 thousands so 45 thousand rupees we deposited and wonderful news came with in 5 minutes, that both are out of danger, a smile appeared on our face but this was only for some second, another doctor came and informed that “Now mother is fine but child need to be kept in ICU for a week, due to premature delivery” when they discharged her wife given the bill of 65 thousand and finally after discount they told to pay 60 thousand, he paid arranged 15 thousand and discharged her wife now we thought that problem was over but another problem was waiting for us that was the treatment of his son, you know what they charged for the child’s treatment, they prepared the bill of 45 thousand rupees, it was shocking news for both us because both of us out of pocket and out of station too, suddenly managing that much money not possible in a unknown place so helplessly we went to the hospital and told our problem but they are not ready to cooperate us, pay money than only you can get your child other wise not, you know what my friend did he taken one weak time from the hospital and taken a personal loan from Citi Financial and paid the hospital bill and rescued his son from these butcher turn doctors.
Just see the cruelty of doctors; they operated the women before time played with their life because of money only, a simple delivery case they earned lakh of rupees through their devil act, from that I hate doctors from the depth of my heart.
At last I would like to say that In India there is no transparency in medication and the patient is always at the mercy of the doctors. Government of India and every state government in India should pass a legislation protecting the interest of the patients and bring accountability and transparency in medical profession and other related issues and undue influence of pharmaceutical companies, hospital with multiple facilities , and other vested interests in commercialization of health sector. According to my opinion the devil doctors who playing with the patients life for money must be hanged like terrorist in side the road, this is the only reward for their work.


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