April 18, 2010

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani?(The Love story full of adventure )

After watching the the famous controversial love story of Sania-Shaoib, Sahshi-Sunanda & Lalait-Gabriella, on media. You can say it "Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani", you see at first "Sania-Shaoib" love story, Sania(tennis player from India) & Shaoib(captain of Pakistan cricket team from Pakistan, with in a month their love story turn into global love story & badly effected the Indian media all most for a month, they became the headline every news paper & channels, finally they got married after a lot of controversies, we thought that drama is over but again another controversial love story of "Sunanda-Shashi" came in front of us, Sunanda Pushker a businesswomen owned a company in Dubai basically from India & Shashi Tharoor, our external affair Minister, their love story turn global with in week & now they are main focus of media around the world, but this is enough another controversial love story is already on the way as Lalit- Gabriella, Lalit Modi IPL chief from India while Gabriella Demetriades( South African models and Miss Bollywood IPL 2 beauty contest). In every love story you can invent so many similarities, you see in every story lover is already married & going to start their second innings, international love story & both are belonging from different countries followed by controversies with glamor as they faded the glamor of IPL & turn more interesting than 20-20 cricket.
Galib ne kaha hai" our vi gam hai jamane ma mohabbat ke siwa" but we have no work in spite of love.
So Without any hesitation, we can say it "Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani", I am right or wrong?
Hai na yaa "Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani"
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