April 18, 2010


I think every body heard this common word “Growth” from the Indian politicians while no body knows the meaning of growth. Growth is not the economic growth, like taking sensex to 20k mark but growth is the rapid improvement in life expectancy, school enrollment ratio & literacy. You see our govt always singing the verses of growth in front of the world & media saying that our motto is growth & development while growth is far away from common men life. Developing the infrastructure of capitals & towns & economic growth is no the real growth but develop living style of common man which is unfulfilled dream due to mountain like inflation.
Still in India are living like animals in villages, if don’t believe on my words than go some distance from the towns, you will invent the reality of growth, to see the miserable condition villages & its people. The states like Bihar, Up, Orissa & West Bengal, where I have gone & seen the pathetic conditions of villagers, even for their basic needs they struggling like animals, what to talk about their education & development. As I have seen the govt schools where children are sitting like animals, while most of the children were coming in school for mid-day meal & after their meal they were living the school & teachers also not showing interest to stop them.
You see the Naxalists or Maoists, why they have taken gun in their hand? This because the quality of life they are spending since our independence. As I birth place in Mayur Bhanj, Orissa, I know the condition of villagers their who live in out side the town, 99% percent “Adivasi” people lives are daily wager while eating only one time or two time in day, do you know what they are eating? Only “Pokhal Bhat(Rice & water with onion & salt while most of the children who are reading in school, leaving their education before their schooling due to poverty & forced to work as daily wager with their parents. What to talk about their education & development? If see development & growth from their eyes, its nothing but a mirage in desert which disappears after twinkling of eyes. If they are fighting for their rights, than I think they are not wrong.
At last I would like to say that we will truly not develop till the life style of every common man will improve. So please think about the common men rater than going behind the economic growth only.


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