June 09, 2010

Our Judicial System is The Mother of Naxalism & Terrorism?

After the decision of Bhopal court on 1984 gas tragedy, Veerappa Moily | UNION LAW MINISTER said that "This is one such case where justice is delayed and practically denied. I would like to say justice is buried. Justice is not buried but dice of politics which never favors the common men. You can say this "Yaa Andha Kanoon Hai", you see After 26 year of long fight justice, finally victims got, injustice, it’s a travesty of justice. Insult has been heaped on the gas victims. Entire families were wiped out and the accused walk away after paying personal bonds of Rs 25,000? UCIL paid Rs 5 lakh for the death of more than 15,000 people and crippling of six lakh people!’’
what will be their future of the victims? If the victims will be seen with guns in future due to such injustice than what you call them Maoist or Terrorist? No doubt you will address them as a extremist while they are fighting for justice.
Just see the reactions of some victims,
I want that the accused should be hanged for the endless woes caused to us Hamida Bi | A SURVIVOR WHO LOST 30 RELATIVES
We don't want any financial compensation; we want the accused to be sent to the gallows said Shanti Devi (70) | WHO LOST HER HUSBAND IN THE TRAGEDY, According to TOI.
what it indicates? NO doubt our judiciary system is showing the seed of hatred which is nothing but a way to violence & crime.
On the other hand victims got some favor as S Prabakaran, president of Tamil Nadu Advocates Association said ‘‘A court of law, not court of justice, has done its duty, after 26 years.’’
This is not a judgment, this is a judicial disaster,’’ said Satinath Sarangi, convener of Bhopal Group for Information and Action, a gas victims’ NGO.
Another activist Balkrishna Namdeo said, ‘‘There was mass murder of citizens and the government let the case hang in the lower court for 23 years. Victims have been deceived by successive governments they have voted for.’’ Advocate ND Jaiprakash, who represented gas victims in the Supreme Court, was a broken man. Said he, ‘‘We’ll fight — up to the high court, then the Supreme Court. We will not give up until justice is given to us.’’
While B R Lall,( former joint director of CBI who headed the probe from April 1994 to July 1995) said that “We (CBI) were forced by ministry of external affairs officials not to follow Anderson’s extradition,”
Every one saying the bitter truth of our judiciary system which is equivalent to a prostitute who serves the money & power.
To saw the mirror of our judiciary system, I would like to take you two year back, when I was in Bihar, once I was sitting in a filed during morning time, I found three people so close to me, one of them talking his story like this, " You know I have done three murder, but never went to jail its about to 10 year, I am always getting next date after paying money & I am out in bail because I have good political back ground, no body have the power to touch me", I don't know he is telling right or wrong but in India murderers & criminals are moving freely, its known to every one so it can be possible. If it is possible than
What is the need of such judicial system? Which only favors the rich & powerful people.
Thank God that people still have faith on our judicial system. Do you ever imagine what will be our future when common men will lost their faith from our judiciary system.
That time every people will be seen with a gun & they will take law in their hand & take decision on the spot & turn on to a moist, criminal or terrorist.
O God please help us from dirty politics!