June 03, 2010

Bollywood:- A curse or a boon for cricket?

Bollywood a curse or a boon for cricket? No doubt answer will always come Bollywood is a curse for cricket & cricketers, you see Indian cricketers blamed that IPL late night parties are responsible for their poor performance in 20-20 world cup which parties cricketers are enjoying with the bollywood beauties, You know the ticket cost of this parities around about 25 to 26 k, as far as I concern all franchisees are getting a huge income from those parties & cricketers are either forced to join it or they like to enjoy those late night parties, I think you all have seen & read the interaction of some bollywood beauties like Sherlyn Chopra with cricketers in news papers during IPL season 3, above all thing shows the reality of IPL night parties & what cricketers are doing their.
while suspended IPL commissioner Lalit Modi told "Bollywood stars are here to stay .....Its all about bringing more glamor in cricket" but totally against this statement because cricket is already a most glamorous event in the world & the mater of fact their is no connection of cricket & bollywood as both having their different motto, cricketers are playing for the pride of the nation while film stars are acting & what ever they are doing only for money & publicity. Do you know why film stars decided to be apart of IPL, This is because cricket is the most popular game in India & cricketers are respected as God in India, so easiest way to get popularity to connect with cricket. it will bring them popularity & popularity always brings money, this is their main motto.

You see how dangerously bollywood effected some of our cricketers as example Vinod kambli, Ajay Jedeja , Salil Ankola, Irfan Pathan , Sreesanth & Yubraj Singh, how they have destroyed their carrier due to bollywood connection. I think you all know about Yubraj Singh, who is one of the best cricketer of Indian cricket Team but his Bollywood connection is totally destroyed his game & interest too. The way he is playing now a days showing he lost his interest from cricket, he loves only bollywood beauties & late night parties & nothing else.
I think you all have seen the Sahara IPL award 2010, where cricketers were dancing like item girl & acting like film stars.
Bollywood connection helped a lot, cricket & cricketers to reach in its lowest level. This is really shameful that Modern cricketers are destroyed the dignity of cricket due to the love of money only.
I think that day is not far when cricketers will be seen to dance in place of cheer Girls during every dismissal or boundary.
Thanks to Lalit Modi, BCCI & Film Stars For corrupting the cricket & cricketers .
At last I would like to say Thanks to Shashi Tharoor for highlighting the corruption in IPL.


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