June 16, 2010

Pele:-Maradona to coach the selectors a big mistake?

World's best soccer player Pele of Brazil and Argentina's Diego Maradona has once again struck by controversy. This time, Pele has said that Maradona did not have any work and he became coach of Argentina for the money.
FIFA World Cup, Pele said during the media talks to Argentina to qualify for the World Cup had to struggle a lot. And then he also performs the Argentina players, thanks to, not because of Maradona.
Maradona to coach the selectors a big mistake.

Pele said that "I'll never be the Brazilian coach, I don't want my condition will be like Dunga"
At last I would like to say that every sports playing for the money gone are the days when sports are played for the pride of nation, I am totally disagree with football legend Pele's statement over Maradona.
Today's sports is the gamble of money & nothing else, doesn't mater its football or cricket, if Maradona is playing for money, how he is wrong, I think he is not doing the crime at least serving his nation for money what about them those are fixing the matches for money not giving 100% to their game, I think we should think about them rather than blaming a great player like Maradona.


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