June 16, 2010

The Oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is 1000 time destructive than 9/11?

The biggest environment disaster ever in the world, the oil slick in Golf of Maxico which jolted the economy of US.
U.S. President Barack Obama said while addressing to media that the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to the environment 9 / 11.
He said that the way 9 / 11 the U.S. attitude has changed about the safety of the oil spill incident in the same way about the U.S. attitude is going to change the environment. Mississippi affected by oil spill, in Alabama and Florida fourth time Barack Obama arrived on a visit to his party and supporters said they clean fuel 'new future' to give support to.
The bay area people living in coastal areas from the old position, while promising to return all possible that they will put pressure on BP that he should bear the entire cost of pollution by oil. Noted that last April in the Gulf of Mexico oil after the blast in thousand barrels of oil at sea has spread so far.
Meanwhile, BP said oil expenses increased $ 1.6 billion to clean up has. On Monday, BP shares in the London and New York prices declined by nine percent. Since Barack Obama begin his fourth oil spill affected areas are visited. He said, "history's greatest environmental disaster we are facing and for rehabilitation efforts are being made by far the biggest."
Than the oil spill in 2001 on 9 / 11 attacks on America, saying the militant attack the way the U.S. approaches to security have changed the fuel in the same way about America's approach after the tragedy forever is going to be changed. He said, "our dependence on biological fuel will be put in danger our national security and our economy and the environment will remain dangerous to both."
U.S. President said the economic detriment of the people are gathering information and they put pressure on BP on the basis that he should bear the entire cost of Kshatipurathy. Obama promised to save the marine food industry said that the coastal area within one or two years will reach into his old position. Barack Obama is going to address the nation on television on Tuesday.
On the other hand Louisiana’s state treasurer estimated damages from the spill could range from $40 billion to $100 billion, and BP’s $20 billion escrow fund is not enough

At last I would like to say that This giant oil slick is 1000 time deadly & destructive than 9/11, which is threat to the humanity. Obma might be over come the lose of 9/11 but its so difficult to over come from this environment disaster.
Can US able to find solution or create the more complicated situation for the world?
Let' see what hidden in future!


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